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TSO & Ju Percussion Group




2017/06/03 14:30
Jhihde Hall, Cultural Center




"The clarity, agility, and expressiveness of the TSO are awe– inspiring, an orchestra destined to take its place as one of the world's top symphony orchestras." -Saarbru?cker Zeitung

The Taipei Symphony Orchestra and Ju Percussion Group will perform side by side to bring you a concerto of the work of internationally-acclaimed composer Nebojs?a Jovan Z?ivkovi . The talents of famed Taiwanese composers Lee Che-Yi and Lin Ching-Mei have also been tapped to devise a music arrangement that will showcase the best of these performing groups. The dancing vitality of Hungarian conductor Domonkos He?ja's baton will weave together all of the intertwining threads spun by the percussion group, symphony orchestra, and the composers, creating a tapestry of musical notes that will invite a whole new understanding of percussion instruments, and open up new possibilities of the synergy between symphony orchestras and percussion groups.

Taiwan /
Conductor: Domonkos He?ja

Ju Percussion Group

Taipei Symphony Orchestra

About 120 min. including a 15 min. intermission