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Empress Wu Casts the Golden Slip






The love story between Empress Consort Wu and her renowned chancellor

Empress Wu Zetian, a woman of wisdom and beauty, utilizes her extraordinary courage and strategies to push the Tang dynasty to new heights, successfully creating a political environment that successfully connects the Zhenguan period to the Kaiyuan period. Her remarkable political talent has allowed her to leave a name in history.

Di Renjie, a loyal, righteous, and renowned chancellor in Chinese history, who has been described as a genius detective by novelists, is a major contributor to Wu's brilliant political achievements.

The wise and farsighted chancellor is the only man Wu truly loves. The relationships between Wu and Di as a ruler and a minister and as friends are markedly complex. The reasons why she cuts her hair (as a symbol of punishment) and returns to a simple life on Mount Song are unveiled. The amazing, newly edited Yu opera of "Empress Wu Casts the Golden Slip" is a performance that you will not want to miss!

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Taiwan Bangzi opera Company