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Melody over the skyline




2018/05/06 15:00
Jhihde Hall, Cultural Center


400 、 600 、 800 、 1000 、 1200


Guan's Music

2018 marks the 30th year since this orchestra was reformed. To celebrate this special occasion, the orchestra invited former resident conductor Kuan Nai-chung to Taiwan to serve as a guest conductor. In addition, the orchestra and famous dizi performer Zheng Ji- min, famous erhu performer Wang Ying-chieh, and concertmaster Peng Li-ting will perform classic repertoire such as dizi concerto Butterfly

Dream, Erhu Concerto No. 1 , and Erhu Concerto No. 2 for the audience.

Taiwan /
Conductor: Guan Nai Chung

Flute: Zheng Ji-min
Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra

About 100 min. including a 15 min. intermission