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Oh My Buddha! Oh My God!

Can madness be the twin brother of wisdom?

A creative fable featuring the vacation of God , Buddha, and a Supreme Deity.

2014 Art@Facebook Extra shows wanted of the year
ARTalks Honourable mention
Starring Liou Jian-Hua, Liou Jian-Guo, Li Pei-Ying, and Li Yu-Jhen Musician Lee Chang-Lei, Chiang Chien-Hsing, Liu Ying-Hsin Sound performance provided by Wang Hai-ling

Taking a vacation from their normal busy workday, God, Buddha, and Supreme Deity are seen on an island drinking coconut milk, playing the ukulele, and relaxing. One day, an uninvited guest shows up, threatening to kill the deities and himself if they do not help enlighten him.

What are their true identifies? And, what is the truth?

A funny and touching religions fantasy.
Unplugged Taiwanese and Henan Opera performed with ukulele. Nurturing the soul of modern people.

About 90 min. without intermission

Taiwan /
Chichiao Musical Theatre