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Liang Zhu




2018/03/25 15:00
Jhihde Hall, Cultural Center




Lyu Siqing's Butterfly Lovers

Lyu Siqing, who has been called the "Paganini of the East," is also known as the best interpreter of Liang Zhu nowadays. His recording of The Butterfly Lovers violin concerto has sold more than one million copies and is considered by music fans worldwide as one of the best musical representations of the story. During his trip to Taiwan, Lu? will reinterpret this Chinese culture-oriented story with conductor Yan Huichang, artistic director of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra (HKCO),. The meticulous and flawless union of Western violins and Eastern musical instruments will accentuate the poignant, touching love story.

Conductor: Yan Hui-Chang

Violin: Lyu Si-Qing
Guzheng: Xiong Yue
Yangqin: Lin Pei-Chuan Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra

About 100 min. including a 15 min. intermission