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Little Amadeus Baby Concert




2018/04/28 15:30
Jhihde Hall, Cultural Center
2018/04/29 15:30
Jhihde Hall, Cultural Center


500、700、 900


A symphony concert presented exclusively for babies

In the heart of every young child is a colorful animal that accompanies him as he grows up. Daddy is like a lion, strong and protective, while Mommy is like a hen, gentle and nurturing. It is an imaginative world full of colors and joy.

In 2018, under the baton of Yang Chih-chin, a selection of classical tunes from "Le carnaval des animaux," composed by French musician Charles Camille Saint-Sae?ns, will be performed for you and your family. With "The Wonderful Tangram Zoo" as the theme of the multi-media concert, lively and upbeat melodies will be complemented by projections of a dancing parade of animals, ranging from lions, roosters and hens to swans and fish. This interactive mode of storytelling will engage not only the attention of young children, but will also capture their imagination and take them on a journey into a world of fantasy. What's more, the event promises to be an amazing parent- child bonding experience!

About 50 min. without intermission

Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra