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Waking up from a Dream about the Taiwan Strait






Li Chong stows away on a boat departing from Tangshan to Taiwan and subsequently meets Wu Gu. The two individuals come across the Zhu Yigui uprising and decide to join it. However, the uprising is pacified, Li and Wu become criminals that the Qing court seeks to annihilate. While fleeing, Li and Wu accidentally save Fongying and Sioucing. After returning to Takao, Fongying begs Li to stay, but Li declines. After departing, Li and Wu run into two indigenous people by the names of Youlu and Malang and are touched by their innocence and passion. The four individuals eventually live as a group, providing for themselves and live joyfully together. However, the joyful time is short- lived. What does the future have in store for Li as a criminal sought after by the Qing court? This is a story about survival rights and is filled with blood and tears. Death is not to be feared as long as one's offspring lives on.

About 150 min. including a 15 min. intermission

Taiwan /ShinTrun Taiwannese Opera Troupe