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If the cause of insomnia is can not stop,

Hope Heaven can give me guidance

Even if it's a more profound pain.

Wish to be peaceful

And I can stand still,

Lie down at ease.

If I can distinguish everything when I open my eyes,

Hope Heaven can take away everything from me.

So I can look at myself consciously,

No more sleepless nights.

-- "INSOMNIA" by MO Tzu-yi


The notes, essays, and poems collect the conversation of MO Tzu-yi with insomnia. Most of them start at night, out of insomnia, and mix the mood of anger, sadness, helplessness, or comfort. They talk everything about performance, about life, and about emotions.

HUANG Yu-Siang, an impromptu pianist. Nobody can stop him while he is on the piano.

Birdman C, a 20% geek and 80% undefined guy. A geek who insists on affecting people with his guitar.

MO collocates his anxious voice of insomnia with HUANG Yu-Siang's smooth piano movement and Birdman C's exquisite guitar tune. Just like a small universe of poetry created by the collision between the moon, the sun, and the stars.

About 100 min. without intermission

We Share Films Co.,Ltd  & Yang's Ensemble